ARL™ Fire Assay Analyzer

Traditional fire assay analysis of precious metals traces in ores is labor-intensive, expensive and environmentally harmful. The Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ Fire Assay Analyzer offers a simple, clean alternative to the cupellation and sample preparation stages of this process by using optical emission spectrometry (OES) to measure precious metals concentrations directly in lead buttons. Suppression of the cupellation simplifies and speeds the process to reduce costs on cupels, furnaces, power consumption, chemicals and lab equipment while meeting the most demanding sample analysis requirements.

The ARL Fire Assay Analyzer is suitable for the analysis of many kinds of samples in gold and platinum mining (plant control, exploration and mining, metal accounting), the precious metals industries, metal recycling and contract laboratories.
  • Unmatched hardware for stability and reliability.
  • Exceptional performance in detection limits, precision, accuracy and stability, in minimum analysis time.
  • Operators require only minimal training.
  • Possible automation of sample preparation and handling, ensuring high throughput and reliability of the analyses.
  • Factory calibrated to allow easy and rapid installation and commissioning.
  • Adaptable to automatic fire assay laboratories.
  • Current Controlled Source (CCS) has the flexibility in selecting all parameters of the spark discharge: generation of very low currents permits highest sensitivity, excellent reproducibility and small dimensions on the limited size fire assay buttons.
  • Time Resolved Spectroscopy (TRS) system: set the appropriate time window for data acquisition when the signal to noise ratio is the most favorable, optimizing sensitivity and precision for trace analysis.
  • Paschen-Runge vacuum polychromator with a focal length of 1m, allowing excellent resolution.
  • Flexible and powerful Thermo Scientific™ OXSAS™ Analytical Software.
  • Special cast iron cabinet, temperature controlled to ±0.1° at 38°C.
  • Argon flushed, water-cooled table with self-contained, closed loop coolant system.