ARL™ 3460 Optical Emission Spectrometer

When the exact composition of metal and metals alloys is unknown or uncontrolled, quality, regulatory compliance and cost are at risk. The Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ 3460 Metals Analyzer provides a complete, reliable chemical analysis of metals for a variety of applications. From identifying alloying and metallurgically relevant elements from percent to trace level to locating undesired elements, this OE spectrometer addresses the wide range of elemental analysis requirements of industries and laboratories working with cast iron, steel, aluminum alloys and other nonferrous metals and alloys.
Product Specification

  • The ARL 3460 Metals Analyzer is an optical emission spectrometer offering fast, accurate metals analysis for a variety of applications in laboratories or on the production floors of various companies analyzing, handling, processing or producing metals and metallic products, including foundries, metal processors, metals producers, contract, development or institutional laboratories and enterprises involved in the recycling of metals. Configured and calibrated in the factory to meet customer specific requirements, the ARL 3460 Metals Analyzer is routinely deployed in analyzing nitrogen and oxygen in steels or oxygen in copper.
    • Stability, accuracy, precision and low detection limits.
    • Robustness and reliability.
    • Continuous enhancement programs allow new features to be incorporated into the system as they became available.
    • Easy integration to increase productivity.
    • Flexible and powerful Thermo Scientific™ OXSAS™ Analytical Software.
    • Key to Metals database.
    • Low operating cost, offers cost reduction compared to other techniques.
    OXSAS Analytical Software allows users to run a variety of analyses, including the development of new analytical methods and calibrations as well as rapid high-quality routine analyses.
    • Simple one-click routine analysis launch and full traceability.
    • Features access to recent analyses for on-screen comparison.
    • Simple graphic user interface and a triple navigation style including grids and tree views.
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